WINTER SPECIAL                           
Get Tattooed for $400 for the day (12pm - 8pm) or as long        
as you can take it- whichever comes first!

Welcome to Cape Cod's first and finest tattoo studio, Great Island
Tattoo .We are located at #12 Enterprise plaza Hyannis MA
Telephone : (508) 771-6624.
We offer the finest in state of the
art tattoo equipment and hospital sterilization and thousands of
designs to choose from.
To ensure your safety, we offer one time use of ''disposable''
needles and tubes...........We have recently added "organic inks"
to our studio, which heal faster and brighter than standard tattoo
Just a reminder, we are artists as well as tattoo artists , so we'll
help you create the right custom tattoo for you. Bring in your own
design and we can work with that also. So come on in
and you will experience a fun atmosphere !We are sure to
entertain you and make you
feel comfy and help your experience
be all the more a dvd , listen to some music or
we'll make good conversation during chair time and we will
accommodate all your artistic needs.
We appreciate your business and are looking forward to another
great year.

Feel free to look around at some of our work .
Thank you for your time hope to see you soon !